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THE Northern Californian Club for Skiing and other Outdoor Activities for those over 50 and living throughout the area including SF Bay Area, Sacramento, Tahoe and more

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Activity News
Non- Ski Season 2018

Outing to The Benicia Ghost Walk and house tour  

Benecia Outing

Well we got of to a good start for our Non- ski season activities. 

A number of  us met  at the Lindsay Art Glass Studio in Benicia and watched a demonstration in Glass blowing. The blower had one piece that broke but that is par for the course when such a delicate piece is being produced.We then were taken through the Old  State  Capitol mansion. This had served as the state capital for 13 months in 1853-1854. It was very interesting indeed. We all then sat down for a good dinner with the usual conviviality and enjoyment.   Later in the evening most of us joined "The fun Ghost Walk in Benicia" . It was led by Paranormal investigators telling us spooky tales of the paranormal history of Benicia.  It was interactive and fun.

For our next two activities See upper Right column of this screen . Make sure you sign up in plenty of time

The closing date for our tour of San Quentin state jail now passed.

We do however look forward to many attending the San Francisco Walk and Artificial intelligence talk.  Of course there will be food 

Rose Marie Avery


Ski Season 2018

Snow Basin

We are  at the end of a busy ski season which was enjoyed by all who took part. There were 5 trips to Northstar and Heavenly at Tahoe. and also trips to Mammoth, Utah  and Japan. The Japan trip included time in Tokyo and time in the Japanese Alps at Hakuba Valley.

It was a successful. and enjoyable season.
Our thanks goes to Tony Suh's whose organization made it possible for us to join the 70 + organization  at both Utah and Japan and join  our LA sister ski  Club at Mammoth. This all added to the enjoyment and variety of our club events,

We are now looking forward to our Summer and  Fall events. Look to the Top right of this page to see what has already been planned thanks to Tammi Beleuw and  Norma Dillon. There will be something planned for most months of the summer and fall season and we look forward to many participants taking part .  So keep looking there to see what is next and sign up or else you will miss a great time 

Rose Marie Avery.

February Ski trip

Northstar and Lake Tahoe Skiing 12th-16th February

We were off out again to ski the Tahoe area. We started in North star on Sunday and then joined the mid week group at Heavenly for Wednesday morning skiing   All in all 20 plus people enjoyed the week . More snow had fallen or was made and there were more runs opener our enjoyment . Every one could find good skiing. Friday began to get crowded as the Presidents holiday week end was upon us, but it was still fun.  Other than Skiing we had a party and Tami and Bill's place on Tuesday followed on Wednesday by a Valentines dinner at the lake side Inn.-  Yum. Thursday evening was hosted by Penny in her  suite with Pizza with Sides  and drinks . I would say this was a pretty good week for all . Thanks to Tami Bill and Penny for hosting the evening fun.

The club is joining the 70 plus club for a trip to Utah at the end of February and a trip to Japan for skiing and site seeing in March. We join OTHG -LA club at Mammoth in March.
Watch the top right hand column for info on our next trips to the Tahoe area.
Rose Marie Avery

First ski trip of the season January 2018

Ist ski trip 2018

Well the club was off to a good start in the ski season at Lake Tahoe, despite the lack of huge snowfall. However everyone found reasonable skiing.Some members spent the first part of the week at North Star and then more members joined them for skiing at Heavenly .On the Wednesday evening most of the group met at the Blue Angel Diner for a  noisy good time with good eats.On the Thursday night everyone partied at Warren and Carolanne’s House . Everyone enjoyed themselves and thanks both of them for hosting. Since then we have had more snow and all are looking forward to the next ski trip at the end of January.  ( See up coming events to the right. )

Non-Members who wish to join us contact the membership secretary by clicking on Contact us  in the "green tabs" on the left of screen 

Rose Marie Avery

Annual Meeting and Dinner 2017

Annual Meeting and Dinner 2017

We had our meeting at dinner at our usual restaurant, but at its new location. It turned out that the restaurant was not officially opened, so we were the first party they had.  As usual, they did a marvelous job.  The room was a bit smaller, but it was still great.  In fact, because it was a little more crowded, people seemed to be able to mix more easily and we had a very good time
Reports from the board took place

Electionof officers to next years board occurred

President Roger Avery, re-elected  in absentia. ( that will teach to be on vacation during the annual Meeting )  He has accepted
Tami Belew - was elected as secretary
Norma Dillon and Tami Belew  will Co-Chair  the non ski activities position. 
Happy Holidays to all, and we look forward to great New Year for everyone

Rose Marie avery

Angel Island Outing and
Gathering at Penny's Wonderful Home

Angel Island

It was the perfect beautiful weather day for us to explore Angel Island and enjoy the scenic vistas from there.  Angel Island was considered the "Ellis Island" of the West; and Klara Cheung arranged for us to have a very interesting docent tour of the "Detention Center", where immigrants were detained (some for many days), while Immigration Officials determined whether they could stay or be exported back from wherever they came.  We also enjoyed picnicking together and further exploration before catching a returning ferry off the Island. 


Afterwards, we made our way to Penny Nii's spectacular "Russian Hill" abode.  We gathered in the very spacious Lobby where we were greeted with an amazing spread of appetizers, lasagna, desserts & beverages.  It was a wonderful treat to socialize inside and outside with a spectacular view of San Francisco.


Thank you Klara and Penny for make this such a special day for all of us.

written by Tami 

Tour of Thunderbird Lodge tour at Incline Village, Lake Tahoe followed by a party.

Thunderbird Lodge @ Incline Village

As usual our group had a really interesting and enjoyable day out together. We first went on a guided tour of Thunderbird Lodge at Incline village. This was the house of a recluse with no guest bedrooms as he did not want people to stay overnight.It overlooked Lake Tahoe giving us breathtaking views of the area. It was owned by the extremely wealthy George Whittell. He purchased nearly 40,000 acres along Lake Tahoe's shoreline in 1935.We were taken around the original house and other buildings around the estate. They including the Cook/Butlers house, the card house and of course the Boathouse where he kept the fabulous mahogany and stainless steel Yacht the Thunderbird. We saw a crew of maintenance staff dong working on the yacht. It appears to be a full-time job for them to keep it looking so beautiful. We went along a 600 foot tunnel leading to the boathouse noting in passing the special Smoking den, the swimming pool that was never finished because of a death during construction. It was a fascinating tour with much more beside what I have mentioned here. We must thank George Whittell for being a recluse and buying this land as we have been the recipients of unintentional preservation of a lot of the Lake Tahoe area including Sand Harbor beach area, which was taken from him by Nevada using eminent Domain. 

We of the course then had to follow this with a great party in a beautiful house , with a wonderful spread provided and hosted by Shari Malone and Bob Kozmo in their home. Thank you both for doing this for our club members.
Thank you once again Tami for organizing all this. Thirty eight of us participated in this wonderful day out.  

 Rose marie Avery

Tour of the David Glass house in San Ramon Valley, Barbecue and drive to top of Mt. Diablo

Glass house and Barbeque


Well we had another great day out. (As a group we really enjoy ourselves.) We started at the David Glass house, in San Ramon in the East Bay. We were given a Docent tour around a Victorian Italianate style house built for one of the first Ranchers in the San Ramon Valley .
It was the story of a family coming across the prairie in a wagon at the time of the Gold rush who did well out of anticipating the needs of the Prospectors and eventually becoming comfortably off landowners.
We then went to  the home of Roger and Rose Marie for a Barbecue followed by some of the group driving up to the top of Mount diablo to view the wonderful 360 degree panorama of the Bay Area from 3,800 feet up. Absolutely amazing.

Rose Marie and Roger thank you all for coming on this Day Out.


Rose Marie Avery

Day Out in Glen Canyon

Day Out in Glen Canyon

Wow ! What a great day we had on June !3th . The day was divided into three parts  
first was a walk around the Canyon in Glen Park. It was full of interest and beauty. It also included a great piece of Modern art in the new community center Grounds.It is a work in progress as it is set up so that the sun will etch the wood in hollowed out tree trunks. "Fascinating"This Canyon was saved from becoming part of the freeway system by a small group of ladies known as the Gum Tree Ladies and is now an absolute jewel in this area. 
Afterwards we had a scrumptious lunch prepared by Carol Merzke and helped by a few others of our group.
John then took us all out again for a walk up the Harry street stairway and to see wonderful views over the Bay. There appeared to be about 150 steps . I did not count as I was too busy catching my breath. We all got our exercise onthis day, but it was also was a great and fascinating time.
Thanks to John and Carol Maerzki 

Look in the right column for details of upcoming events in the coming months or in the Events Calendar Tab (Left of screen) 

Rose Marie Avery

Abbey of New Clairvaux
 / Bidwell Mansion State Historic Park in Chico

Abbey and Mansion Tour


We have kicked off  the summer season with this great and interesting tour. In the morning we toured the Abbey. Among other things we saw a barnful of sacred stone which were brought to America by Randolph Hurst 80 years ago from a Cistercian monastery in Ovila Spain .They are now being used to reconstruct that Monastery's 800 year old chapter house in the new monastery here in California.We finished the tour with a Wine Tasting of the Abbey product.
Following this we had a pleasurable  and generous lunch at Nash’s Restaurant in Chico.
The afternoon was spent touring the Bidwell Mansion in Chico. We learned of the life of John Bidwell and his wife Annie. He was an important man in Californian history as a pioneer, farmer, Statesman, politician, and philanthropist. His home,an1868 Victorian Italianate house,was lovingly restored after a brief period as a Dorm for Chico state  and is now a part of a state park.

This was a great day out thanks to Tami Belew’s organization.

Thank you Tami


Look in the right column for details of upcoming events in the coming months or in the Events Calendar Tab (Left of screen)

Rose Marie Avery

Skiing in Utah

Skiing in Utah
 February 26th - March4th 2017


The club joined the 70 Plus club for their annual trip to Utah. The whole group was over 130 people strong. Our group of about 14 was small but significant. 
 All 130 had cocktail hour each night followed on 3 nights with dinner for all. Other nights GGTOTHG went out for dinner in their own group plus invited others.
They did do some skiing between the drinking and dining. 

This trip allowed for different ski resorts to be used . Solitude , Alta, Park city, Snow Basin, Brighton, Snow bird and Deer Valley resorts were the choices each day.The best part was that no one had to worry about transportation to where they wanted to go as it was all part of the organization by the 70 plus club. 
Most people skied between 3 and 6  days and their experience was made better by the Park City resort honoring the Tahoe local pass and gave all our group half price for each day they skied at their resort.

Every one had a good time thanks to the great organization of the 70 plus club and of course the company. 

Annual Dinner 2016
Annual Dinner and General meeting - October 26th 2016
As usual we had a very successful Annual Dinner at L'Oliviers at Davis court in San Fransisco. It was a time of good food, libation and laughter. The conversation was lively and the jokes good. It marked the ending of our summer events and had us looking forward to ski season, as soon as the snow is sufficient. There was a twist this year in that Tammi organized a scavenger hunt in the area. We did not have to pick things up but we had to find many things along a designated route. These ranged from finding the Working Girls Cafe, the counting the Rincon Center Annexe murals, which shop sold sold Heritage turkeys in the  ferry building, the ugly fountain and memorial and the Benjamin Bufano's Penguin sculpture. We had about 20 things to find . It took us on a great walk in the area, made us familiar with our surroundings and worked up our appetites.  Five persons found all the items on the list and received prizes for their efforts.
The annual general meeting took place over dessert and Steve Beck volunteered and was duly elected to the board as Vice President. Don Magdenz was re - elected  as Treasurer. Thank you Steve and Don.
Thank you Tami and Don Magdenz for organizing the extremely enjoyable afternoon and evening.
Rose Marie Avery
Upcoming Events
Upcoming Events

South Lake Tahoe Hotel Deal.
See the Event Flyer for information

Please note
0ne of our members had skis stolen 
on a recent trip. It is not a good idea to leave them unattended at the bottom of the Ski lift and you may want to think about getting a ski lock for the mountain when you leave them outside during lunch